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Jennifer Bound! 2 on 1 Revenge Plot Squash Match
Genre: Female Wrestling -- Length: 16 mins

Jennifer Thomas and Hollywood are about to have a one on one battle. Jennifer EASILY overpowers Hollywood at the start, crushing her hand, getting her locked in tight in a bodyscissors and squeezing away. Hollywood screams in pain and begs to be let go, but cannot escape until Jennifer finally accepts her submission and shows mercy. Hollywood is furious at being humiliated, and calls for backup.

Hollywood lures Jennifer in to a trap, and surprise! Nicole Oring attacks her from behind and now it’s payback time! Hollywood and Nicole tie up Jennifer’s hands and feet, and give her a taste of her own medicine! A combination of headscissors and bodyscissors to wring the life out of her, and then some extra humiliation of more bodyscissors and a foot on her throat! Revenge is sweet and Jennifer is left knocked out!


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HTM Wrestling
Fantasy wrestling custom squash match domination featuring lots of scissorholds!
Starring: Jennifer Thomas, Hollywood and Nicole Oring
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