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Video Prices: DVD : 38.00 :: WMV : 24.00 :: HTMV67 Cali Logan vs Darrius -   Posted on 03/17/2011

From the archives, this is the mixed boxing match up that started the rivalry between Cali Logan and Darrius. The sexy Cali has no fear as she taunt Darrius before the bell. They both square off and immediately it is speed vs strength, as Cali avoids the big gloves of Darrius. Can this little tigress put Darrius down, or will he make Cali his pretty little punching bag?

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Cali Logan returns to Hit the Mat! Duncan spars with Cali to see if her boxing has improved since last time, and she easily knocks him out cold! But is it enough to stop Darrius? Her top comes off and the fight is on! Her lovely breasts bounce with each punch she gives and takes. Can she knock Darrius out too? Find out at our Clips4Sale store!

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Video Prices: DVD : 17.00 :: WMV : 15.00 :: HTMC19 Cali Logan vs Duncan -   Posted on 09/23/2010

A mixed wrestling fight is brewing as Duncan stretches in the ring when Cali Logan arrives unexpectedly. She felt like doing a bit of wrestling, and Duncan is more than happy to oblige her. Cali thinks Duncan is easy pickings when she has him trapped between her legs, but soon the tides turn and she is the one in trouble! Who’s going to end up knocked out at the end of this one?

Video Prices: DVD : 27.00 :: WMV : 25.00 :: HTMV53 Cali Logan vs Helena -   Posted on 08/7/2010

This is the full fight between Cali Logan and Helena. Two very hot fighters make their return to the boxing ring at Hit the Mat! In one corner, sexy Helena is ready to take on the amazing beauty Cali Logan. Both are in bikini tops and boxing trunks. Things quickly get rough as shots to the face and body get harder and harder. Helena works Cali’s belly over in the corner so bad, Cali ends up spitting out the mouthpiece! This brutal boxing match between the two young hotties should not be missed.

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Cali Logan -   Posted on 05/29/2010

Cali Logan is a petite and very sexy young fighter with a lot of energy. More about Cali Logan coming soon!

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Video Prices: DVD : 20.00 :: WMV : 12.99 :: HTMC10 Cali vs. Darrius -   Posted on 05/25/2010

Cali Logan is bouncing in her corner wearing her blue gloves. The ref explains that this is a special rules boxing match. Ten rounds, each round is ended by a knockout, the winner is whoever has the most knockouts at the end of ten rounds. What follows is a complete mixed boxing squash match!

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