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Mixed Wrestling - HTMC19 Cali Logan vs Duncan -

HTMC19 Cali Logan vs Duncan
Genre: Mixed Wrestling

Type: Mixed Wrestling

Length: 12 min

Cali Logan vs Duncan Mixed Wrestling

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A mixed wrestling fight is brewing as Duncan stretches in the ring when Cali Logan arrives unexpectedly. She felt like doing a bit of wrestling, and Duncan is more than happy to oblige her. Duncan is caught off guard and put into a hammer, and then a head lock. Cali is all smiles as she throws him down to the canvas. She exclaims, “This is going to be easy!” as she wraps her lovely legs around him trying to break his ribs. She pulls on his hair, lifting his head up so now she has clear accesses to his neck. Duncan turns red as she clamps down on his neck. Cali is relentless as she has her way with Duncan. He gets to all fours choking trying to catch his breath as she hammers down on his back with a double ax handle, then a standing surfboard while he is face down on the floor. She lets him up and they stalk around each other. Duncan slips behind her and locks in a full nelson, or so he think she flips him to the canvas that immediately pounces on him. Duncan is able to turn the tides, and now it is Cali’s turns to experience some pain. Chokes, body slam, chin lock, head slam on the mat, and a back breaker to the mat have Cali in trouble. Duncan enjoys putting the pressure on Cali as it is his turn to have some fun with her. He picks her up using his superior strength to squeeze the life from her, then he props her in the corner for a brutal round of belly punching. Cali may just start to regret this impromptu wrestling match as Duncan shows her an assortment of his favorite wrestling moves (We think it’s damn near all of them). Duncan destroys Cali and leaves her knocked out on the mat, dreaming of getting her revenge.

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