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Scarlett Devine, formerly known as Anna. Currently based in Las Vegas

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They’ve had two boxing matches, now its time to see who is the better wrestler! These two deadly divas lock up to see which girl can grapple better on the mats.

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Length: 16 mins
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Scarlett and Andrea face off in a new foxy boxing match custom script. This time it’s for the Underground Topless Boxing Championship!

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Length: 18 mins
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Scarlett Devine and Andrea return to Hit the Mat for a very exciting and sexy foxy boxing match. Both girls are topless as they bounce around the ring, looking to knock each other out. Will Scarlett’s size overwhelm Andrea? Or will the tall beauty fall before the powerful petite fighter?
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Length: 13 mins
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Scarlett Devine is back at Hit the Mat to kick some more ass in the boxing ring. When she last visited HTM she was known as Anna, and beat on Darrius more than once. Can she do it again? It looks like it…while Darrius does put up a fight, he’s no match for Anna. Her boobs come out of her top as she beats him senseless.

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Length: 16 mins
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HTMC31 Anna vs Darrius Kickboxing -   Posted on 01/22/2011

The lovely Anna walks in ready for a fight. Darrius isn’t going to have an easy battle this time around when Anna beats and dominates him with her powerful kicks and punches. This mixed kickboxing battle is pure femdom, and Anna gets revenge for all the disrespect Darrius has given her in the past, knocking him out cold!

Anna -   Posted on 10/10/2010

Anna aka Scarlett is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

HTMV56 Anna vs Darrius -   Posted on 08/31/2010

Maledom belly punching beatdown! Darrius has something of a problem with the busty Anna. Namely that SHE has been sleeping with HIS girlfriend! He punishes her belly for the better part of 20 minutes. This is a one-sided, male-female belly punching beatdown. Anna is left knocked out cold from the endless belly punishment.

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HTMV07 Anna vs Darrius Rematch -   on 05/18/2010

Not satisfied with their last outing Darrius wants another shot at Anna. She gives a post fight interview saying how she is going to send him to the hospital in this match. They go toe to toe and see who will end up flat on there back.

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Length: 35 min
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HTMV06 Anna vs Darrius -   on 05/17/2010

Anna has been hearing how Darrius has been beating up some of her friends, and wants to teach him a lesson. Darrius gladly accepts, and Anna turns into one of his toughest opponents. Hot mixed boxing action, someone is going to get beaten badly!
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Length: 30 mins
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Status: Active

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