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HTMC31 Anna vs Darrius Kickboxing
Genre: Mixed Kickboxing (Femdom) -- Length: 15 min

Anna vs Darrius Mixed Kickboxing

Anna walks in wearing jean shorts, a bikini bra and boxing gloves, looking all business and ready for a fight. Apparently Darrius isn’t giving Anna the respect she feels she deserves, and they are ready to fight over their issues. Unfortunately for Darrius, he isn’t prepared for Anna’s strength and fury. Her powerful punches and even more powerful kicks send him reeling, and set the pace for a one-sided female domination kickboxing match. Darrius can barely score a hit while he gets punched and kicked all over the room, going down several times to painful body shots. Anna’s long, powerful legs continually knock Darrius senseless, as he continues to mouth off and get punished for it. After almost 15 minutes of a painful, one sided femdom kickboxing beatdown, Darrius is left knocked out cold!

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