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Akira Lane Wrestling

Akira Lane and Duncan’s battle for the mixed oil wrestling championship concludes. A very sexy action packed matched, with Akira looking awesomely sexy as she fights and her body glistens in oil
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Akira Lane vs Duncan in a wet and messy mixed oil wrestling match! Akira looks strong and dominant, but this isn’t an easy match for her as Duncan does put up a fight.
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When Duncan comes to the ring drunk, Jesse isn’t happy as she paid him for a mixed wrestling training session. This newcomer to the industry shows she has what it takes to kick some ass in a femdom mixed wrestling video , and even takes a swig of his own liquor after crushing him.
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Jeannie Kim Destroys Darrius -   on 02/17/2012

Sexy Lotus Jeannie Kim is back at HTM and looking to kick some ass. Darrius is the unfortunate victim of Jeannie’s ire as she mops up the floor with him. A completely one sided femdom mixed wrestling beatdown ensues as Jeannie tears apart Darrius bit by bit.
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Amo Morbia is stretching out in HTM’s ring, when Duncan interrupts her, claiming she’s standing in “his ring”. After a short exchange, the fight is on! Right from the start, Amo proves to be too much for Duncan, quickly taking him down and choking him until he turns bright red! Amo trash talks Duncan as she manhandles him through headlocks, body scissors, figure fours, knee drops and poundings. Amo really puts the boots to him and has him tapping and yelling in pain. This is a one sided female domination ass kicking that Duncan won’t soon forget. See it on our Clips4Sale Store, or BUY NOW – 13mins @ $13.99 .


The strong and sexy newcomer Vanessa Marie continues her mixed fight vs Darrius! This clip starts off with Darrius mounted on top with Vanessa struggling to defend. He has trouble keeping the advantage though, as Vanessa manages to escape. These two have very different styles, Vanessa having some strong aggressive striking and Darrius trying to keep her locked up on the ground. Both struggle to maintain their advantage and make the other tap! See it on our Clips4Sale Store, or BUY NOW.


The final fall of Jeannie Kim vs Duncan mixed pro wrestling! Duncan starts off with a rake to Jeannie’s eyes, looking for payback after the beating he took in the previous clip. Duncan puts Jeannie in his signature torture rack and the punishment begins. Duncan gets a little too careless and gets HIS eyes raked, and Jeannie takes control. Bad news for Duncan! Jeannie dominates the rest of the match, with scissors, kicks, stomps and some kick ass action! See it on our Clips4Sale Store, or BUY NOW.


It’s the second fall of Jeannie Kim (Lotus) vs Duncan! Duncan is pumped from his first pin, and confident he’ll take the second. He starts off aggressive, grabbing and snapping Jeannie to the canvas right away. Duncan is in firm control and has Jeannie screaming! Duncan starts playing dirty, choking Jeannie with a shirt, and she starts playing dirty herself with a low blow! Now Duncan is in serious trouble as that’s all the opening Jeannie needs to take control. It’s payback time! See it on our Clips4Sale Store, or BUY NOW.


Its fall 3 of Sara Palin vs. Joe Biden, and Sara is pissed! After close inspection of her top, she sees that Biden has bled on it, ruining her American flag top. What’s Biden’s solution? TAKE IT OFF! After a hard punch to the stomach he gets behind Palin, and strips her of her top, then chokes her with it. Biden’s exposing of Palin, only makes the Mamma Grizzly come alive. She mauls him with punches to his stomach and crotch, while smothering him under her crotch. Head scissors, breast mauling, back breakers, breast smothering, camel clutches, and more befall these two political powerhouses. Both of these politicians give it their all, but only can walk away from this political debate. Who will win in this battle of Conservative vs Liberal?? See it on our Clips4Sale Store, or BUY NOW.


Stephy is a new girl who wants to make it big. She’s decided to clean the mats for preparation, for what she hopes to be her big break into Hit The Mat. Darrius dashes her dreams when he informs her that he doesn’t think she has what it takes to be a wrestler and maybe she should stick with cleaning. Stephy gets pissed and decides to wipe the mats with Darrius. That doesn’t go as plan as this sexy young grappler gets put in painful hold after painful hold. She almost goes out a few times as Darrius chokes the life from her. Her eyes flutter as he brings he to the brink of a knockout then brings her back for more torment. Darrius teaches a harsh wrestling lesson to Stephy that almost brings tears to her eyes. Stephy fights back but for most of the match she is dominated. Will this stop her from achieving her goal, or does she have some tricks up her sleeve that will make her victorious? See it on our Clips4Sale Store, or BUY NOW.

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