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Female Wrestling - Jennifer Thomas Destroys the Masked Mauler -

Jennifer Thomas Destroys the Masked Mauler
Genre: Female Wrestling
Length: 24 mins

The mysterious Masked Mauler is a well known bully on the mixed wrestling scene, often battling women smaller than he is and trying to dominate them. He’s here looking for a fight to see if anyone is “woman” enough to defeat him. Jennifer is ready to prove she’s too much woman for him to handle, and wants to take off that mask and end his career. She immediately grabs him in a powerful headlock, and proceeds to dominate him trying to remove his mask the entire time. This mixed wrestling beatdown sees the Mauler toyed with and totally destroyed by Jennifer’s skill and power. Mauler tries to mount an offensive a few times, but his efforts and holds are continually broken as he is completely overpowered and overmatched. Crushing scissorholds, armbars, camel clutches and more torment theMauler. But will he finally be unmasked?

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Mixed Wrestling Femdom

Femdom mixed wrestling featuring session wrestler Jennifer Thomas

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