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Kristiana vs The Panther -   on 06/21/2016

Kristiana is looking to beat some ass in this fantasy mixed wrestling match from 2008. She uses the cover of private wrestling lessons to get her target, then pounces when she has him. But “The Panther” isn’t going down without a fight!

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Wrestling rivals Jennifer Thomas and Kristiana gather at the HTM ring for a belly punching contest. Jennifer thinks her abs are stronger, but Kristiana has a size advantage. Who will last longer?

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From the archives, a previously unreleased mixed wrestling match where Darrius has to fight Roxie, and Roxie is looking to kick his ass for what he did to Autumn!

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Out of the HTM vault comes a never-before-seen match between Kristiana, Frankie and Darrius. A 2 on 1 femdom beatdown! Darrius gets his ass kicked by both hot-blooded Italian ladies, and after they’ve left him laying, they declare “that was easy!”
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Video Prices: DVD : 15.00 :: WMV : 13.00 :: HTMC18 Kristiana vs Duncan -   Posted on 10/4/2010

This mixed wrestling match starts off with Kristiana and Duncan both warming up in their opposing corners. Slams and holds punctuate the competitive aggression in this match, until one fighter is put out for the night.

Video Prices: DVD : 29.00 :: HTMV24 Kristiana vs. Onyx -   Posted on 06/26/2010

On Sale! Kristiana and Onyx enter the mat room looking to settle some issue with a best out of five falls women’s wrestling match. This match quickly becomes a one sided affair but one girls big mouth keeps the action going until a sleeper finally ends the debate….for now.

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