Female Boxing - Devon D'amo vs Kristiana Boxing Part 2 -

Devon D’amo vs Kristiana Boxing Part 2
Genre: Female Boxing
Length: 9 mins

The boxing action continues, starting with Kristiana getting the drop on Devon still in her corner. Devon gets her head snapped and belly brutally beaten repeatedly, until she ducks one of Kristiana’s wide swings. Devon then turns the tables and begins to pummel Kristiana! It’s a back and forth big-swinging slugfest, and the loser will find themselves bound in the corner for even more punishment after the knock out defeat!

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HTM Boxing
Part 2 of 2, containing pre-fight interviews the final rounds and ending.
Fantasy boxing in 1920 x 1080HD MP4
Spoilers: Kristiana Wins

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Posted -09-19-2018
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