Female Boxing - Devon D'amo vs Mutiny Belly Boxing -

Devon D’amo vs Mutiny Belly Boxing
Genre: Female Boxing
Length: 6 mins

Devon agrees to spar with Mutiny as preparation for Mutiny’s next match with Darrius. Wearing bikinis and black HTM boxing gloves, two throw some stiff punches to each other’s bodies, and Mutiny ends up popping out of her top. Both girls’ bellies are turning red from the hits, and Mutiny complains about Devon targeting her boobs. As both girls tire, Mutiny throws a huge right that knocks Devon out on the mats. Mutiny declares there’s nothing Devon can teach her and takes the win!

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Female Boxing
Real body punching with a few choreographed punches to the face, although Mutiny does connect a few to Devon’s jaw! Shot in 2011.
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Posted -11-01-2017
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