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Christie Ricci drags Duncan in by the hair and makes him hit the mat by force. Christie is in total control, but after some dirty tricks Duncan is back in the fight. Who will come out on top in this mixed wrestling match??

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Looks like Helena’s completely exhausted herself, now Christie Ricci is having fun just picking her apart and beating her down. Christie shouldn’t get overconfident though, Helena never gives up!

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Helena and Christie Ricci square off in a lost boxing match from 2009! Christie has some size on Helena, and she knows it. Helena starts off aggressive, but Christie is content to just let Helena punch herself out before she tries to knock her out. Rounds 1 to 5 of this 2 part match.

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Two wrestling rivals put on the gloves for an intense fantasy boxing match! Christie Ricci has a pretty big reach advantage over Jennifer Thomas, but Jennifer is a known powerhouse. Who will win??

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Match 3 in the series, Christie Ricci vs Darrius mixed boxing. The tall and powerful Christie has battled it out with Darrius before, but can she knock him out this time?
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Veteran wrestlers Christie Ricci and Jennifer Thomas square off in this women’s wrestling match! Watch these two strong and sexy pros throw down in the ring as they trade blows and holds. Christie Ricci may be bigger but Jennifer is known for her power and tenacity. It’s an action packed battle that goes back and forth right from the start. As time goes on, the bigger Christie wears down Jennifer, but can’t seem to put her out. Will she do it?

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Mixed Boxing Christie Ricci vs Duncan -   Posted on 04/27/2011

New mixed boxing video! This is a knockouts match, where the round ends when a fighter cannot make it to their feet by the 10 count. Duncan is still a bit new to boxing but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy fight for Christie. See the preview on our Clips4Sale Store or BUY NOW! ($19.99)

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