Christie Ricci vs Duncan 2009
Genre: Mixed Wrestling
Length: 17 mins

A long lost wrestling tape of Christie Ricci taking on Duncan in the old mat room from 2009. Christie Ricci drags Duncan in by the hair and makes him “Hit the Mat” right away. She starts out dominating him but Duncan manages to rake Christie’s face and escape one hold, and turns the tides. The two trade hold after painful hold for a long time until it seems like Duncan is in control and going to take it. Christie rolls Duncan over for a quick 1-2-3 pin and declares herself the winner, but an angered Duncan attacks the exhausted Christie and claims he’ll be the only one walking out of the room. Duncan slams her in to the mats then applies a sleeper hold from behind to put her out. We then pan over the defeated Christie Ricci as Duncan leaves her laying.

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