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Nicole vs Masked Mauler Wrestling Match III
Genre: Mixed Wrestling -- Length: 17 mins

The Masked Mauler wants another rematch vs Nicole Oring to settle the score. Nicole won the last one, and taunts him for even stepping up. He sucker punches Nicole in the stomach and slams her to the ground, but after a kick to the gut Nicole is viciously back on top. It’s an intense back and forth brawl for the first several minutes, but Mauler’s attacking Nicole’s crotch, painful holds and slams wear her down until the match becomes more one-sided in his favor. All Nicole has left are vain attempts to taunt the Mauler, but he continues to punish her until she is down and knocked out for the count.


Mixed Wrestling Grappling

Fantasy mixed wrestling action, with the man dominating after a back and forth fight
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