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Devon Michaels vs The Masked Mauler
Genre: Mixed Wrestling -- Length: 14 mins

Devon Michaels vs Masked Mauler (HTM74) Mixed Wrestling updated to mobile-friendly MP4 with quality improvements.

Devon is flexing and showing off after her workout when the Masked Mauler walks in. He admires her tight body, but thinks that women are the weaker sex, even if they are as strong as Devon . Devon immediately jumps on the Masked Mauler and puts him in a head lock. She taunts him and drops his ass to the ground and puts him in an excruciating grapevine, spreading his legs with hers, pinning his arms and pushing her tits in his face. Mauler tries to roll her off of him, but only manages to get crushed in her body scissors. You can see the muscles in her legs as she tightens up on his ribs. She pushes him over with her feet and wraps him up in a read naked choke. Devon is enjoying herself, as she goes from that choke to a reverse head scissors. The Mauler is finally able to mount an offense and even pin Devon but he never gets a chance to count her out because she flips him off of her with her powerful legs. Devon strolls over to him, and breast smothers him with her top off! She blocks his air, and then puts him in another head scissor. Devon has a little fun with the Mauler as she uses all the assets at her disposal to teach him who the weaker sex is.

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Fantasy Mixed Wrestling -
Originally shot/released in 2009

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