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HTMV40 Devon Michaels vs The Pervy Professor and Principal
Genre: Mixed Wrestling -- Length: 32 mins

Devon Michaels vs. The Pervy Professor and Pervy Principle, all parts in one download! Originally HTMV40 on the site and HTM77 on C4S.

Sexy Devon Michaels plays a college student and resists her pervert private tutor’s advances. A fight breaks out when he doesn’t take no for an answer. Devon Michaels ends up topless and battles her tutor in a mixed wrestling match, putting up quite a struggle but eventually being defeated and left laying while topless. The Principal comes in and begins to wrestle with the tired, beaten and still topless Devon as well. He dominates much of the match, and Devon is not able to keep an advantage for very long. With a sleeperhold knockout, Devon is left laid out, and topless. Devon may get the guys in some sexy holds, but this is largely male domination in mixed wrestling.
Original release in 2009.

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Fantasy mixed wrestling

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