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Liberty Belle vs Masked Villain
Genre: Mixed Wrestling -- Length: 17 mins

Liberty Belle is going to “take care” of the Masked Villain, but he doesn’t seem to think so. The super strength of Liberty Belle quickly overpowers the masked man, and a kick to his ribs sends him to the mats. Liberty traps him between her super strong thighs and begins the slow and painful punishment of the Masked Villain. While the male Villain is able to fight his way out of some holds, Liberty’s super strength and skill give her control for much of the match. Even when the Villain has her trapped, she manages to escape and amp up the punishment. Slamming him against the wall, pounding his body, and wrecking his joints with increasing intensity. Liberty Belle finally puts the Villain out with a rear naked choke sleeper hold, taking a victory pose over her defeated male opponent.

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Hit the Mat

Custom fantasy superheroine mixed wrestling starring:
Hollywood as Liberty Belle
The Masked Mauler as The Masked Villain
(Totally not Duncan)
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