HTMV27 Amanda vs. Nicole
Genre: Female Wrestling
Length: 21 mins
2021 Update! This is the cleaned up MP4 version of HTM55/HTMV27 Amanda vs Nicole |USA Battle”, their first wrestling encounter! We start off with an interview: Amanda is pissed that an “Asian Bitch” was allowed to represent the U.S.A. in a wrestling tournament. She believes that a blonde California girl could do way better. As Amanda is stretching out on the mats, Nicole comes into the room, livid! She throws down the challenge to Amanda and it is on. These girls go right for each other. Both trying to intimidate and dominate the other. Amanda is the first to score a takedown, putting Nicole in a head lock, and staying on top of Nicole. Amanda controls her head and body, as Nicole tries to get to her knees and escape. Nicole manages to get out but they lock up with each other trying to find a weakness. Amanda goes on the offense, spinning Nicole around, and grabs her from behind, trying to put her in a body scissors and maybe choke. The trash talk, and taunts fly as these ladies beat the hell out of each other. Chokes, scissors, sleepers, full mounts, chin locks, take downs, and even a test of strength are found in this match. Even though both girls get submitted one grappler is a little more aggressive during the match as she tries to prove who is best suited to represent the U.S.A!

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