HTMV10 Hollywood vs. The Professor
Genre: Mixed Wrestling
Length: 30 mins

Type: Mixed Wrestling
Length: 30 min
Hollywood vs. The Professor

Welcome to the School of Hard Knocks! Hollywood faces off against the Professor in a mixed wrestling match when she lands herself in detention for not doing her homework, and the only way to get out is through the professor in the ring! Holly wants to get out of detention, and the Professor gives her two options. She can let him have his way with her or they wrestle. Holly chooses to wrestle. If she wins, she off of detention for the rest of the year, but if she loses; the Professor gets what he wants. They meet up in the ring, Holly as cocky as ever, making fun of Duncan’s shorts. Holly seems to be having fun with her Professor as she ties him up in a variety of holds, and painful submission moves. Apparently the one class she did pay attention in was wrestling! But it isn’t all fun and games for her when Duncan grabs for a book and blasts Holly right across the face knocking her to the mat. Now it’s time for Holly to pay!
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