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Hollywood Destroys Onyx! Wrestling Rematch
Genre: Female Wrestling -- Length: 17 mins

Hollywood takes on Onyx in a 2009 wrestling match recently discovered from the vault. Their original match (HTM68) saw Onyx knock Hollywood out, and Hollywood has been fiending for some payback. We fade in to Onyx warming up in the HTM mat room, and Hollywood barges in, wanting a rematch. Onyx states she’s just here to practice, and Hollywood laughs at Onyx. Finally Onyx gives in, and the two lock up for a test of strength. Hollywood begins kicking Onyx, then puts her in a choke.

From there it only gets worse for Onyx, as the wrestling squash match begins. Hollywood transitions to a camel clutch on Onyx, then gets creative with her holds as Onyx tries to escape. Hold after hold, punch after punch, Hollywood is completely kicking Onyx’s ass. Onyx begs for the torture to end, but Hollywood keeps it going for a good 16 minutes before putting Onyx away with a sleeper hold. Goodnight, Onyx!

Fantasy female wrestling squash match.

2023 update! Link goes to 1280×960 Remastered MP4 version.

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