Hit the Mat Fun Facts -

Some fun facts about Hit the Mat videos and the fighters in them.
  • Darriusth150 Darrius has over 21 years experience as a karate instructor, and 24 years of overall martial arts experience. The exact style cannot be named due to privacy reasons as apparently he is the only black man performing it in California.
  • Kayth150 As of January 2017, Kay has lost every boxing match he’s ever been in. His unbroken record of defeats surpasses even Mutiny’s and Kianna’s. He has been frequently called “The Most Punchable Face” at HTM.
  • Kayth150 Courtney’s Underground Fight Club POV is the most realistic POV produced. She hit the camera with several punches, elbows, a few kicks and a knee; knocking it out of focus and even shutting it off several times.
  • Rusty150 Almost every woman Rusty has squared off with has been at least slightly intimidated by the vibe he tends to give off before a match. Rusty also tends to destroy the padding or otherwise wear his boxing gloves out every few months from how hard he hits on the bags. He’s also so eager to get it on in the ring that the latest he’s ever been is exactly on time, usually he’s early.
  • Chip150 Chip’s debut match was against Andrea. Chip seemed in to the game and even a little infatuated with Andrea. However after the video was done, Chip determined that this wasn’t the business for him and did not return. Andrea beat Chip out of the business!
  • Courtney150 Courtney had a boxing session with a larger gentleman a few years back. His style was generally to let the girls tire themselves out on his massive mid-section, then sort of clinch/smother them in the corner. Courtney, not being like other session girls, didn’t tire out although he was still too tall (and wearing headgear) to really hit cleanly in the face. She hammered his body non-stopped for most of the session. The next day, this man phoned Darrius and mentioned he had hard painful lumps on his body and wondered if he should go to the doctor. Darrius mentioned they were probably just bruises. The man goes to the doctor and sure enough, they were bruises. Apparently in all of his sessions (and seemingly much of his life), no one had been able to hit him hard enough to leave a mark.