Mixed Boxing - Allie Parker vs Darrius Boxing Part 2b - Darrius Wins -

Allie Parker vs Darrius Boxing Part 2b – Darrius Wins
Genre: Mixed Boxing
Length: 4 mins

The final round between Allie Parker and Darrius, you choose your own ending!
In this version, Darrius goes for Allie’s belly right away with repeated body shots, but Allie fights back and another slugfest ensues. Allie even manages to knock Darrius down, but there is conspicuously no count! As Allie celebrates a little too closely, she if felled by a low blow to the crotch! The count begins, but Darrius calls for it to pause and then punches Allie while she’s down! Allie appears to have been knocked out and the count resumes, rather quickly! Darrius has defeated Allie Parker thanks to some dirty tricks and collusion with the referee!

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Posted -02-17-2018
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