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Kirra Blaze vs Faith Wrestling
Genre: Female Wrestling -- Length: 15 mins

Kirra Blaze and Faith make their Hit the Mat debut!
These two beauties train at the same gym. Both have been toying with the idea of wrestling with each other for a while. There is clearly some flirty tension between these two as they lock up face to face. Faith shows a bit of a dominant streak as she throws Kirra to the mat, trapping her in between her legs. Faith puts the squeeze on Kirra’s body, then transitions to a headscissor before letting her go. Faith toys with Kirra putting her in hold after hold, before stripping Kirra of her top. At that point you can see how excited Faith is to show off her tits and ass, and put it all over Kirra’s face. Kirra is clearly being drained of her will to fight as Faith toys with her pretty prey. The ending of this battle will leave you wanting more, as they vow to face each other again

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