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Faith vs Tonk the Honk – Boxing the Sadomasochistic Clown
Genre: Female Boxing -- Length: 20 mins

Faith Shalynn is about to face one of her more unusual opponents, who seems to be quite the joker.. and has managed to pop out of her top after maybe 3 punches warming up! Tonk could also be called a tank, as she is able to take Faith’s punches rather easily, in fact she seems to enjoy them! Faith is clearly unnerved by her quirky opponent, especially once Tonk starts laughing at Faith’s punches. Will Faith be able to put an end to this clown show, or will Tonk send Faith to dreamland?

In the second round, Tonk becomes even more unpredictable, spooking Faith unexpectedly then
stripping them both of their tops. The whole ordeal has Faith looking like a Jackie Chan meme, until she takes the initiative to go after to kooky clown. The giggly Tonk just seems to want to eat even more punishment from Faith, but even Tonk’s brain can only take so much of a beating before her legs give out. That’s not enough to end the fight, however, and Faith is starting to tire as Tonk gets back up and tanks even more of her punches. Faith is about to be in serious trouble.

Tonk not only enjoys taking pain, but dishing it out as well! Snapping Faith’s head with repeated jabs, and cracking her jaw with hard hooks. Faith might be getting woozy and worn out, but she won’t give up. It’s four brutal rounds of a boxing brawl with both fighters battered and beaten. Unfortunately for Faith, the creepy clown proves to be just too much for her, with Faith beaten down until her gloves fall off, and then pinned and punched out for the 10 count. Tonk the Honk wins and Faith is left drifting off to dreamland from the knockout blows.

Ahh but wait, there’s more! We see the napping Faith is indeed dreaming of an alternate reality 4th round where she’s the one who beats down the clown for the TKO win!

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