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Faith vs Darrius Mixed Boxing – Knockout Rounds
Genre: Mixed Boxing -- Length: 16 mins

Goddess Faith takes on Darrius in boxing match, with knockout round rules. The round only ends when one person cannot make the 10 count.

The first round, it’s more Faith the Jobber than Goddess Faith as Darrius dominates her easily, beating her up and knocking her down repeatedly. Full maledom boxing beatdown for the first five minute round!

Round two starts in similar fashion, Faith once again getting knocked around, knocked down, and this time Darrius slips off Faith’s top. Breasts exposed and now enraged, Goddess Faith stops fucking around and goes in to fuck Darrius up! Faith is putting up a fight that slowly starts to overwhelm Darrius, going quickly from a back and forth brain bashing brawl to now a one sided femdom beatdown. By the end of the round, Darrius is face down KO’d, with Faith standing tall. But there’s one more round left.

And the final round, it’s all Goddess Faith. Beating Darrius to his knees, then continuing to beat his face in… with her bare breasts! In absolutely humiliating fashion, Faith slaps her tits across his face repeatedly, before jacking his jaw with an uppercut, putting him flat on his back again. It doesn’t get any better for Darrius, as Faith continues to beat him while he’s down, sitting on his face to pound his stomach, then reversing to pound him in the face. Faith dominates and destroys Darrius in a way he will never forget, though after that knockout punch, he’ll be lucky if he remembers who he is!

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