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Goddess Faith vs Sushii Xhyvette Oil Wrestling
Genre: Oil Wrestling -- Length: 11 mins

Sushii Xhyvette makes her Hit the Mat debut against Goddess Faith Shalynn!
A super sexy and very slippery oil wrestling match where both end up delightfully topless in nothing but tiny thongs.

Faith finally agrees to do a oil wrestling match with Sushii, but She doesn’t want to get oil on her new top. The tops come off, and the oil drips on. These two newly oiled gladiators slip and slide all over the mats as Faith gets the first submission of the match. Sushii seems to be enjoying herself as she jumps on Faith, wanting some more body to body contact. After some slipping and sliding Faith finds herself underneath Sushii’s supple bottom, as now it is Faith’s turn to submit. Fans of breast smothers, tit smothers wedgies will enjoy this match!

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