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Mixed/Beatdown (maledom) - HTMV54 Raquel vs Darrius & Duncan -

HTMV54 Raquel vs Darrius & Duncan
Genre: Mixed/Beatdown (maledom)

Type: Mixed/Beatdown (maledom)
Length: 30 min
Raquel vs Darrius and Duncan

This highly requested video starts off with Raquel getting the drop on Darrius while he shadowboxes in the ring, easily crushing him in a quick mixed boxing squash match. Several punches to the stomach and uppercuts to the chin drop Darrius like a stone. Raquel pays a heavy price though, when Darrius shows up at Raquel’s job with Duncan in tow, ready for some serious payback. Both men proceed to overwhelm and dominate Raquel, taking turns pinning her arms back for some 2 on 1 belly punching and punishing her for her sneak attack. She tries to fight back but is continually overpowered by both men. Raquel is then tossed in the ring where both men glove up to punish her some more. Raquel is left in the ring, battered and beaten with a painful reminder.. if you’re going to jump someone, make sure you take out their friends too.
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