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Madison vs Chi Chi Belly Punching
Genre: Female Boxing -- Length: 17 mins

Madison is doing situps in the ring, when Chi Chi comes in and wants to see “how tough” she is. What’s Chi Chi thinking?? Madison’s ultra solid core serves her well early on, as Chi Chi’s punches bounce off Madison’s abs with a crack. Chi Chi and Madison battle back and forth, but it’s clear Madison has the advantage. Chi Chi is left holding her sore belly on the floor not once, but twice! After a short recovery, Chi Chi comes back with another challenge for Madison, unable to accept defeat. This time, Madison’s stamina seems to have worn out and now it’s Madison who must submit to Chi Chi’s punches! Chi Chi pokes at Madison’s sore and tender, reddened abs and still wants to keep going. The girls take turns pummeling each other, trying to wear the other out, and Madison just has nothing left. As she loses the final time, she ends up with Chi Chi’s ass in her face as Chi Chi punishes Madison with a reverse headscissors, then some face sitting!

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Belly Punching
Fantasy belly punching contest with some solid hits! 1920x1080HD MP4

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Taped fist, hand wraps, belly beating

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