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Faith vs Paula Boxing Part 1
Genre: Female Boxing -- Length: 13 mins

Faith is back at Hit the Mat to take on Paula Diamonds! After some pre-fight trash talk, the ladies come out swinging. Round 1 sees Faith in firm control, as Paula hits the mat over and over with several knockdowns.

In round 2 as the action continues to heat up, Paula calls for a time out. It’s so hot that both ladies agree to pause to take their bikini tops off and continue the match boxing topless. The break did Paula good, as now Paula is in complete control of Faith, beating her up in the corner and has her head snapping like a boxing bobblehead. Paula finishes out the round with an EPIC uppercut that has Faith tumbling!

Round 3 has Paula still in total control, with Faith being her pretty punching bag hung up on the ropes. Faith ends up with a shiner and is barely able to crawl back to her corner after such a beating.

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