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Nicole vs Duncan 2008 Wrestling – Fall 2
Genre: Mixed Wrestling -- Length: 10 mins

Fall 2 of a 3 fall match. Duncan wakes up Nicole after defeating her soundly in the first fall, and it looks like he’s taking control again. For about the first 2 minutes, the beaten up Nicole is getting dominated but then manages to fight out, and now it’s payback time. She puts Duncan in a bow and arrow, then makes him suffer some more with a camel clutch. As they break and lock up again, Duncan gets Nicole in a fireman’s carry, but once she’s out she manages to wrap her legs around him and put the squeeze on with body scissors. This match is more back and forth than the previous, and Nicole wears Duncan down until she finally manages to take him out after few scissor holds, ending in a figure four head scissors. Nicole and Duncan are now 1-to-1 and the next fall in the next video will determine whether or not she gets paid!

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Mixed Wrestling

Shot in 2008, fantasy mixed wrestling.

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