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Female Wrestling - Jennifer vs Jade Scissors Domination

Jen vs Jade – Scissors Domination
Genre: Female Wrestling
Length: 25 mins

Jennifer mocks Jade for her weak legs, and Jade challenges Jennifer to a scissor contest. Jennifer calls Jade a “friggin idiot” for even thinking of challenging her. Soon we see why. Jade scissors have no effect on Jennifer whatsoever! But when it’s Jen’s turn to squeeze, Jade can only hold out but for so long before she is tapping and wanting to get out. Even after losing, Jade still wants to continue the contest with headscissors, but once again her’s have no effect while Jennifer squeezes Jade right out. Jennifer then punishes Jade, squeezing her even more against her will, and taking her lotion and rubbing it all over Jade’s legs to mock her. Jade is nothing but a little squeeze toy to Jennifer!

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Scissors Domination

Scissorhold Female Wrestling, fantasy domination and humiliation. Cheerleader vs Wrestler and the Wrestler wins!

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