Female Wrestling - Jade vs Natasha - Bedroom Wrestling -

Jade vs Natasha – Bedroom Wrestling
Genre: Female Wrestling
Length: 12 mins

The wrestling brats take this battle to the bedroom! Part 2 of 2.

Natasha is walking away from Jade, having had enough of her. Jade chases Natasha down, grabs her by the pigtails and tosses her in to the “Tutor”‘s bedroom! The “Tutor” will be home any minute, and Jade wants to make sure Natasha doesn’t get in her way. The intense battle now takes place on the bed, with both girls fighting for dominance. This includes chokes, beating each other with pillows, facesitting, arm locks, hair pulling, scissors, spanking, and more! And of course, we have lots of upskirt shots!

It’s a back and forth battle, but once the fight is interrupted by a knock at the door, Jade takes Natasha out with an impressive kick to the head. Jade leaves as Natasha is left on the bed, laid out!

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HTM Wrestling
Female wrestling custom script featuring Jade and Natasha in “school girl” miniskirt outfits.
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Posted -01-22-2019
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