HTMV29 Frankie vs. Jade
Genre: Female Wrestling
Length: 31 mins
Frankie is sitting on her couch pissed as Jade enters the room. She demands to know why Jade took her car, and didn't return it in time for Frankie to do her workout. Jade has a careless attitude and tells Frankie, she was out shopping and lost track of time. Frankie, insisting that she needs to work out her legs, decided to work them out on Jade! She puts Jade in a variety of scissor holds squeezing her neck, and head while yelling at Jade for being irresponsible. Jade, continues to talk smack and disrespect Frankie, which enrages Frankie, and Frankie knocks her out. This is not the end for Jade, just a brief pause before Frankie does some real damage.

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