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HTMV48 Nicole vs Kat Belly Punching
Genre: Belly Punching --

Type: Female Belly Punching
Length: 23 min
Nicole vs Kat Belly Punching

Nicole vs Kat complete belly punching video. Nicole Oring and Kat test each others tummies. They face each other on their knees, and then backs, taunting each other about who has the best abs. Both Nicole and Kat deal out some harsh belly punishment, making the other girl moan in pain. Both girls’ stomachs get redder as the rounds progress. The talk continues through breathless gasps, and one girl starts to cheat by throwing more and more punches during her set. One girl is almost brought to tears as she gives up. These two slim sexy Asian girls have quite the slugfest! Female belly punching doesn’t get any sexier than this.
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