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The athletic Vanessa Marie puts Darrius between her legs and starts squeezing hard! Her thick, strong thighs make Darrius suffer as she puts on a scissorhold clinic on him.

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The strong and sexy newcomer Vanessa Marie continues her mixed fight vs Darrius! This clip starts off with Darrius mounted on top with Vanessa struggling to defend. He has trouble keeping the advantage though, as Vanessa manages to escape. These two have very different styles, Vanessa having some strong aggressive striking and Darrius trying to keep her locked up on the ground. Both struggle to maintain their advantage and make the other tap! See it on our Clips4Sale Store, or BUY NOW.

Mixed MMA

Vanessa Marie is a firey new powerhouse to come to HTM, and she is looking for a fight. Not content to merely spar with Darrius, she wants an all out fight. Darrius takes the newcomer lightly at first, and comes to regret that. But can Vanessa overpower this seasoned vet for long?
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