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Well known session wrestler and fighter Nikki Fierce!

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Nikki Fierce is back up and wants some payback for that ass kicking you gave her! Nikki Fierce lives up to her name and is going to knock you out.

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Length: 9 mins
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Nikki Fierce Defeated! POV -   on 08/20/2016

Nikki Fierce is here to knock someone out! Will it be “you”? Or will you kick her ass and knock HER out? Nikki won’t go down without a fight, so you’d better be ready!

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Length: 9 mins
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Nikki Fierce makes her mixed boxing debut at Hit the Mat, and Kay is her first opponent. Kay seems to think he can actually win this time if he tries harder, but it just ends up with him nearly getting his head counter-punched off! Nikki is downright fierce!

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Length: 21 mins
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Status: Retired

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