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Nikki Fierce vs Kay Mixed Boxing Beatdown
Genre: Mixed Boxing -- Length: 21 mins

Nikki Fierce comes to Hit the Mat! Known for being strong and dominant on the session scene, Nikki feels Kay will be no problem. Kay believes if he takes things a little slower, he might be able to finally score his first victory as Nikki does not have much boxing experience. That doesn’t slow Nikki down though, right from the start she is swinging hard. It’s easy to see why she is called Fierce! Nikki knocks Kay around the ring, the sound of her hard shots echoing through the studio. Kay’s attempts to fight back are just met with counter punches to his face. Nikki’s stamina is impressive, she is going hard almost the entire time. Kay’s reaction has improved slightly, but it doesn’t save him from a few rabbit punches or getting his ass sent to the canvas over and over. After Nikki is done toying with him and knocks him out, she sits on top of him and poses for her victory.


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Femdom Mixed Boxing Beatdown

Nikki Fierce mixed boxing domination. Despite trying his best, Kay still gets his ass kicked in what might be one of his most intense beatings yet. Nikki’s counter punching jacks up Kay hard!

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