Jesse vs Nicole Oring Belly Punching Challenge
Genre: Belly Punching
Length: 20 mins

The ultra petite Jesse takes on Nicole Oring in a belly punching challenge! Nicole pretends she doesn’t recognize Jesse, and is talking trash about her the entire time. Both girls’ bellies become more red as the contest wears on, and fist imprints can be seen after some of the punches. Nicole seems to feel that Jesse’s shots are hitting the ribs a bit too much, and Nicole is wearing down while Jesse is hanging tough. After a punishing near 20 minute match, Nicole gives up and Jesse is the winner!

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Fantasy belly punching contest, although the hits are hard enough to leave fist imprints and redden the belly flesh!

This belly punching video features:

Jesse Wins, Nicole loses, Nicole defeated, fantasy belly punching, belly pain, bikini girls catfight

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