Belly Punching - Extreme Muscle Belly Punching - Sheila v Darrius -

Extreme Muscle Belly Punching – Sheila v Darrius
Genre: Belly Punching
Length: 14 mins

Extreme Muscle FBB Sheila Rock is back and this time it’s a belly punching contest with Darrius. The hits are solid, with Sheila landing real, hard punches on Darrius, and Darrius hitting her with increasingly stiff shots. No sound FX, just a solid punching contest with trash talking, while wearing MMA grappling gloves. Sheila’s muscular abs turn red by the end, and some of the receivers positions get a little creative.

If you love female bodybuilder sexy six pack abs taking punches, you’ll love this. Extreme muscle!

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belly punching extreme muscle

Real hits, somewhat scripted. Sheila wins at the end. Sheila Rock, formerly Maria Garcia.

Only interested in the parts where Darrius is punching Sheila? By request –

Maledom Belly Punching Cut – Darrius Punching Sheila Here

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