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Mutiny vs Devon Foxy Boxing
Genre: Female Boxing -- Length: 21 mins

Mutiny takes on Devon D’amo in the boxing ring! Mutiny has been training up her boxing skills, and Darrius is confident that she can beat woman in the ring with her. He makes a bet with his friend, and Mutiny goes to meet this unknown femfighter which turns out to be Devon D’amo! Mutiny finds this rather amusing, much to Devon’s ire. The fight is on and it’s a slugfest right away. After a back and forth battle, Mutiny starts to take control. Mutiny then removes her top to taunt and distract Devon with her beautiful bare boobies. This only seems to enrage Devon, who attacks Mutiny with renewed fervor, including pounding her exposed breasts. The two continue to trade blows until Devon takes control, then puts Mutiny out with a final uppercut. Mutiny is so angry when she wakes up, she goes on a tirade in French!

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