Mixed Boxing - Courtney vs Rocky Mixed Boxing -

Courtney vs Rocky Mixed Boxing
Genre: Mixed Boxing
Length: 10 mins

Hit the Mat exclusive fighter Courtney takes on the West Coast session boxer Rocky. She has a decade’s worth of boxing experience and has been in the Golden Gloves, and does it show! Her punches are extremely fast, sharp, and accurate. She throws quick, pro combinations that you simply don’t see in often in this business. Even Rocky praises her speed as some of the fastest left-right combos he’s ever experienced.

This video from the sessioner himself is a mix of scripted femdom fantasy and reality with Courtney landing some stiff, solid shots against Rocky (and some incredibly fast combinations), while selling his few staged punches, along with a POV sequence, prefight interviews and introductions. If you want a session with Courtney (private or on video for HTM), she will dial it down or up to any level you can handle!

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Posted -05-06-2015
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