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Courtney’s Ab Training
Genre: Belly Punching -- Length: 16 mins

Courtney comes to the HTM ring for a workout. Want to see how a fighter like Courtney trains to keep her abs in fighting shape? Darrius directs Courtney with instructions of various ab workouts, while the camera focuses on her tight bikini clad body. This includes bare knuckle punches to her belly during and between workouts. You can hear the blows bounce off her solid abs as she stays tight, and her navel area begins to turn red. As the workout goes on, it focuses more and more on bare knuckle belly punching. Darrius saves the best for last, throwing hard punches to her abs while Courtney’s back is against the wall until she’s had enough. We finish off with a close look at her flat and now reddened abs!

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Belly Punching Female Training

Belly work out custom with real, bare-fisted belly punching.

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Darrius’s note: Courtney didn’t like that she could not hit back!

2022 update! Link now goes to 1280×720 MP4 Remastered version (with aspect ratio corrections)

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