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Belly Punch Boxing Contest – Denise vs KK Qing
Genre: Female Boxing -- Length: 24 mins

This belly punching/boxing custom video features The Giant 5’11″ KK Qing taking on the 4’11″ Dynamite Denise in a belly punching contest. Not your typical 5-10 punch turn-based match, but you must beat your opponent in the stomach for long and hard enough that they puke up spit, and are unable to get up.

How is little Denise going to manage against an opponent with a foot of height on her? Well, it wouldn’t be Denise if she didn’t add a few kicks, and knees, elbows, shoulders…might even be something in her gloves! Denise is very satisfied digging her gloves in to KK’s belly, beating and wearing her down as she takes the first “round” turn. Denise beats on KK for a solid 6+ minutes, and it only ends after KK spits up her mouthpiece as she collapses, with her face in her own puddle of spit. Humiliating!

But after a short break, now it’s The Giant’s turn, and she will make Denise pay! KK even hoists Denise up, sitting her on the 2nd rope turnbuckle so she can get better shots in at Denise’s taut belly. And now it’s Denise’s turn to get gut punched until she spits up her mouthpiece as she collapses to the canvas. 

Very hot reactions of moaning, pain, gasping and grunting as these girls beat the hell out of each other for 2 additional sets, but the winner is fairly obvious. Denise puts up a valiant ever, maybe even cheating a bit, but she stands no chance against the powerhouse KK Qing.

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Notes: Fantasy female boxing / belly punching with light to medium hits and no added SFX/real punch sounds left it.
The spit/puke is water.

Photoset available!

Note that preview clips may have slightly offsynced audio

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