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Akira Lane vs Darrius Mixed Boxing
Genre: Mixed Boxing -- Length: 12 mins

What starts out as a pleasant training session quickly becomes tense, as Darrius is working with Akira on her boxing. Darrius wants her to wear proper boxing attire, and Akira is not having any part of it. She wants to wear her tight jean shorts. They both decide to settle it with their gloves. If Akira wins she can wear whatever she wants. Darrius starts off with a hard body shot then rocks Akira against the ropes with hooks to the head which daze her. Akira starts to fight back with jab, punch hook combo that staggers and floors Darrius. He is able to get up and overcome, and after pummeling her with head and body shots, finally send Akira to the canvas for a 10 count. He strips her out of her jean shorts while she is on the canvas.

Darrius leaves her to get dressed but Akira, ever persistent, she still refuses to put on those boxing trunks. She challenges him to an immediate rematch, by way of punch to the FACE! She shows him how well he taught her, as she shows each combo that he taught her. Darrius gets rocked! She adds in a few knees to the body to add to her point, she decides maybe he should wear her shorts. Darrius comes back with some kickboxing of his own, trying to make sure that Akira will finally wear the boxing trunks. Akira fights one and puts him down once and for all with a combo of Darrius’ teaching. She drapes her jean shorts over his just to add to his humiliation.

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