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Victoria vs Masked Mauler
Genre: Mixed Wrestling -- Length: 11 mins

The masked and rather muscular Victoria takes on the Mexican Superhero, the Masked Mauler! Victoria wrestles Mauler around with power, skill and intensity. Mauler does all he can to put up a fight, but it’s clear Victoria is just too much for him. Her muscles pop as she over powers him, manhandles him in to rough holds and pummels him with elbows, knees and punches. Just when it seems like Mauler has made it to a dominant position, Victoria reverses the situation or battles her way out. After a rough, intense battle, Mauler taps out to a figure four headscissors and Victoria is the winner!

Mixed Wrestling Grappling

Fantasy mixed wrestling with Victoria largely dominating, but Mauler won’t go down without a fight. But maybe he’s had a little too much tequila?

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