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Mixed Oil Wrestling - Sarah Palin vs Joe Biden Mixed Oil Wrestling Final -

Sarah Palin vs Joe Biden Mixed Oil Wrestling Final
Genre: Mixed Oil Wrestling
Length: 11 mins

Its fall 3 of Sara Palin vs. Joe Biden, and Sara is pissed! After close inspection of her top, she sees that Biden has bled on it, ruining her American flag top. What’s Biden’s solution? TAKE IT OFF! After a hard punch to the stomach he gets behind Palin, and strips her of her top, then chokes her with it. Biden’s exposing of Palin, only makes the Mamma Grizzly come alive. She mauls him with punches to his stomach and crotch, while smothering him under her crotch. Head scissors, breast mauling, back breakers, breast smothering, camel clutches, and more befall these two political powerhouses. Both of these politicians give it their all, but only can walk away from this political debate. Who will win in this battle of Conservative vs Liberal??

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