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Lucy Purr vs Duncan – Wrestling Lesson
Genre: Mixed Wrestling -- Length: 24 mins

“Schoolgirl” Lucy Purr is in trouble with Professor Duncan for being late to class and beating up boys. If she can beat him in a three falls wrestling match, she gets out of detention. The Professor thinks he can school her on the mats as well, but Lucy has been training and with the help of a low blow, takes control early on. Lucy likes to play rough and not particularly fair! Duncan puts up a fight but the first fall goes to Lucy after a figure four which turns him bright red. Just when it seems like Lucy is going to take control again, Duncan powers her up and slams her down in an atomic drop. Now it’s Duncan’s turn to punish Lucy! He dominates the second fall and puts her away with a Dragon Sleeper. The final fall sees both Lucy and Duncan battle for dominance, but ultimately Duncan takes control and finally takes Lucy out with a sleeper hold. Your winner: Professor Duncan!

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Fantasy mixed wrestling featuring Lucy Purr. 1920 x 1080 HD

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