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Kat VanWylder vs Onyx – East vs West Clash
Genre: Female Wrestling -- Length: 15 mins

Kat VanWylder comes to the Hit the Mat ring to face veteran Onyx!
Is Onyx ready for the Kat VanWylder experience, or will the ornery veteran overpower her younger opponent?

Onyx gains the advantage right away, with a submission that has Kat screaming in pain. Kat fights back, but Onyx keeps having her way with her. Low blows, chokes, scissors, and some nasty disrespect are just a taste of what Onyx has in store for Kat. But Kat isn’t going down without a fight, and that redhead rage is ready to explode. After losing her top and the last bit of patience she has for Onyx’s antics, the topless Kat grabs two fistfulls of Onyx’s hair and proceeds to kick her ass. Pounding her belly, cranking her back in a Boston Crab, nearly breaking her arm with an armbar, and finally a crushing Onyx until she taps out with headscissors. What a vicious comeback! Your winner, Kat VanWylder!

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