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Mixed Wrestling - HTMV57 Devon Michaels vs Darrius -

HTMV57 Devon Michaels vs Darrius
Genre: Mixed Wrestling

Type: Mixed Wrestling

Length: 21 min

Devon Michaels vs. Darrius

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Devon and Darrius are warming up for a “friendly” boxing match, but Devon wants to see who will come out on top in a mixed wrestling match. 2 out of 3 falls. They quickly lock up, Darrius puts her in a quick sleeper choke, but she throws him to the mats. Each of them uses their bulging muscles to try and submit the other. This is a fairly even match until the first fall happens when one wrestler finds themselves tapping just as they are about to get knocked out. As the next fall starts taunts are hurled and so are bodies!! Watch these two go at each other. This mixed wrestling match continues as Darrius quickly starts off by putting Devon Michaels in a guillotine hold, slowly choking her out, but then puts her on his back for a widow’s peak. Darrius drops then manhandles Devon like a ragdoll, putting her in move after painful move. Devon is able to escape and tries to take her opponent out with an oxygen depriving breasts smother. She lets him up to punish him in between her muscular thighs for a powerful scissor hold. Darrius barely escapes and so begins Devon Michaels lesson in pain. First he knocks her out, then he takes advantage of her and dominates uses his muscles to have his way with her……mixed wrestling style of course.

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