HTMV55 Carla vs. Jade
Genre: Female Wrestling

Type: Schoolgirl Catfight
Length: 31 min
Carla vs. Jade Schoolgirl Catfight

This female wrestling match is catfight between two sexy schoolgirls! Jade is innocently reading one of her text books when Carla walks up to her. Carla confronts Jade about rumors that she has been saying she is smarter, prettier, and better than Carla. Jade doesn t deny it, and Carla is ready to take her to the mats and teach her a lesson she will not soon forget. Both wrestlers are relatively new, but both put each other in holds trying to dominate the other. The go back and forth with standing head scissors, body scissors, bow and arrow holds, and chokes. Both ladies trash talk as throughout the match, until one schoolgirl succumbs to a knockout hold, and the other gal gloats, and waits for her to wake up so she can do it again.

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