HTMV52 Apples vs Peaches
Genre: Female Wrestling

Type: Female Wrestling (+Oil Wrestling)
Length: 33 min
Apples vs Peaches

This video contains two fights between Apples and Peaches; their first female wrestling match, and their female oil wrestling rematch! Apples (Asian) and Peaches (Blonde) are friends and new wrestlers to HTM. You can see the nervousness in their smiles as they approach each other. Peaches takes Apples to the mats as both girls try to get on top of each other. Not well versed in technical wrestling, theses girls move, roll, scissor, and pin each other. These beautiful girls grind on each other holding down arms and trapping each other between their thighs. After their bikini wrestling match, each girl takes their time oiling up their slim sexy body, preparing for their oil wrestling match. While not the most technical wrestling around, if you want hot looking women rolling around in oil dominating each other and great camera angles showing off their oiled up bodies this is for you!!

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